Welcome to...
Your Empowered Employee Playbook

Welcome to Lesson 5 and...
Your Empowered Employee Playbook

Your First Step to Create a Financially & Emotionally Rewarding Place to Work!

Your First Step to Create a Financially & Emotionally Rewarding Place to Work!

Imagine a Team of Empowered Employees Interested & Involved in Helping You Grow Your Company?

Hi, I'm Skip Weisman, and if I offered to help you...

Energize your employee attitudes, actions, behaviors, and decisions in the next 90-days (or less)...

So that you:

Generated high-impact, low or no-cost ideas to improve your company,
Immediately built or re-built an even more trusting relationship and rapport between you and your employees, and between all employees with each other,
Eliminate your company's "Black Hole" where high-quality ideas, suggestions, and requests fall into and never escape from that kills employee morale, motivation, and attitudes,
Created and implemented a focused, 60-day action plan...THAT:
Had employees feel more valued and a bigger contributor to their job, your company, and no longer like just a cog in your company's wheel.
Felt like you had a team of employees who care about the long-term success of the company beyond just collecting their paycheck and taking their next raise,
Allowed you to trust your employees think, feel, act, and make decisions are in the best interests of you and your company.

"Would you take me up on that offer?"

Let's Have a Brief Chat to See If Your Organization is a Fit.

"I realize that is an unfair question because you probably have more questions, like..."

1) How does this actually work?

This is a "Done With You" program where I work directly with you, the business owner, to implement the five plays of Your Empowered EmployeePlaybook.

2) What is the Playbook?

The YEE Playbook is the five "plays" we will implement together to start the workplace transformation to create a team of employees that are more positive, more productive, and more profitable for you. It will begin to get employees thinking, acting, and making decisions you can trust are in the best interests of the company.

3) What Are the 5 "Plays" We'll be Implementing?

Play 1 = Buy-In Builder
No matter how long your employees have been with you and your company
I can guarantee that if you feel like you're not getting the most out of them, then just by changing your approach in your communication can dramatically transform your relationship with them. The first step in making that happen is building buy-in and commitment to this process. We will work together to craft your specific language that will build the buy-in and commitment you need to make this initiative most impactful.

Play 2 = Idea Instigator
This play engages your team members in the Idea Instigator "Magic Question." Over 15-years of client work I've developed a unique question that will be the catalyst to ignite dormant, ignored, or previously resisted ideas and insights your team members will provide that you and they will collaborate on to implement into your workplace and company operations.
Play 3 = Profit Prioritizer
Before implementing any ideas gleaned from the Idea Instigator we will work to prioritize the ideas into four distinct response categories of the Profit Prioritizer.  This will direct your attention towards the highest impact and lowest effort and/or investment ideas, the 'low-hanging fruit" for initial action.
Play 4 = Black Hole Eliminator
The Black Hole Eliminator is the game changer for your company.

If you're like most businesses you have a history with good ideas from employees being discussed, captured, and then never being heard from again. My clients have labeled this the "Black Hole."

The "Black Hole" is the place where workplace improvement ideas fall into and never escape. This causes a sense of "learned helplessness" in the workplace, undermining motivation, morale, and attitudes.

The Black Hole Eliminator provides you with a systematic and structured response protocol that will close the loop on all ideas generated from this initiative. With this all employees will feel heard and valued because all their suggestions were taken under serious consideration.

Play 5 = Championship Work Environment Acceleration Game Plan
This initiative always brings issues, ideas, suggestions, and requests that shed light on the company culture, work environment, operations, and customer service, providing opportunities to build on the initial 90-days of Your Empower Employee Playbook.

Therefore, you will be provided with a Game Plan to continue the implementation of this Playbook with specific strategies to maintain the momentum created while also accelerating your company's workplace transformation.

4) What Is the Timing Of all of this?

Plays 1 & 2: First 0-30 Days
Plays 3 & 4: Day 31-60
Plays 4 & 5: Days 61-90

5) How Much Time Will Be Required of Me and My Team Members?

Initially you and I will have 1-2 coaching conversations to launch the initiative to develop the approach to engaging your team members in being open to providing the feedback we're looking for.

You will need to invest a few minutes with each team member, approximately 15-minutes or so to personally direct and explain  the "why" behind the initiative and what you are hoping they can contribute. You and I will work together to craft your approach to the conversation.

Each team member will be asked to complete a 1-question survey and I will interview up to 20 participants for just 15-minutes to get a deeper understanding of their survey answers. If your organization is over 20 we will take a random sampling of the group for me to interview and we'll use the survey data from the rest.

You and I will invest 1-2 hours of coaching to categorize the data into four specific areas of follow up. We will outline your response plan that should include individual conversations with participants as well as a written document distributed to everyone describing the response and next steps. As part of this Play, plan to invest 15-minutes per employee to implement Play E to respond to their individual ideas directly.

The rest is Play M, the Momentum Implementation. You and I will have 1-2 coaching sessions, if needed, over the final month to monitor the implementation momentum, and one final coaching session near the end of the 90-days to review Play M2, The Workplace Acceleration Game Plan.

Over the 90-days of Your Empowered Employee Playbook you're looking at about 8-10 hours of your time to facilitate the playbook, and whatever time required to implement the chosen initiatives.

6) Who is this for?

Companies and organizations with between 10-100 employees in virtually any industry. I've worked with manufacturers, HVAC, Credit Unions, CPA firms, Plumbers, and Independent Insurance Agencies, and not-for-profits.

7) What's the financial commitment?

Typically, a program of this type would run between $10,000-$20,000, but, this is a new pilot program I am testing on a small scale to prove the concept, attain client case-study results, testimonials, and referrals.

So, for a limited time I'm looking for just a few firms to pilot this program and it is being significantly discount for companies that are the right fit.

Let's Have a Brief Chat (15-minutes) to See If Your Organization is a Fit.

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