Even though this is a video showing excellent teamwork, there is a slide at the end of this short video explaining what it really takes to have this type of precision teamwork work.

Watch this pit crew change 4 tires in less than 2-seconds and then watch the slow motion replay to see how it gets done and why.

In all my years of watching sports I have never seen precision teamwork like this. I guess I need to start watching Formula 1 Racing more.

I've been saying for 20-years teamwork is an individual sport and that "teamwork never fails, individuals fail teamwork!"

When you adopt this philosophy it will transform accountability in your workplace.

I was so excited to find and capture a specific example of a broadcaster and former major league athlete make the case for me based on a live play in a game.

What do you think? Is teamwork an "individual sport?" How do you see it? What is your experience?

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Click the image below to watch a 3-minute video explaining the concept even further:

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