Timing the launch of your empowered employee playbook - there is no time like the present

LaunchingYour Empowered Employee Playbook is more like planting a tree than you might imagine.

Every business and every industry has its trends throughout the course of the year. By that I mean each has its busy season and times when business is more relaxed. Some of those times are more intense than others, obviously.

So many business owners tell me that they want to implement Your Empowered Employee Playbook in their workplace but the time isn't right.

The two primary issues I hear as excuses are, "too busy time of the year so I don't want to put more on our staff," or "I don't have the right team in place so I want to make some changes before we embark on something like this."

Overcoming Those Excuses That Prevent Your Launch

You know your company and your people best so I never negate or judge those reasons too strongly. But, I do ask this question to push back to challenge a false belief...

"So, when would be a good time to launch?"

A simple question that packs a powerful punch.

Here's why:

First, some company's busy season is six months, such as a landscape or lawn service, or a manufacturer that serves an industry that is highly seasonal.

If that's the case, what do you lose by holding off for six months?

Secondly, The same could be said for making personnel changes. Replacing team members is a timely and expensive process. It includes recruiting, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, integrating and training.

And, do you want to bring a new person in to a work environment that is not performing at its best? Plus, what if implementing Your Empowered Employee Playbook was the spark that turned around the team members you want to replace?

That is absolutely possible. It's happened for my clients. Typically, my clients rarely make personnel changes during or after implementing our work. It's not required because most time the culture changes and people step up. Some team members who you never would have imagined step up in ways you never imagined.

There is Never a Good Time

For most companies there is never a good time to implement Your Empowered Employee Playbook. This is due to most business leaders comfort zones.

It's time to get over that to break through your comfort zone. As a leader you are going to need to help your team members break through their comfort zones allowing everyone to grow together.

That's why, the Chinese Proverb above is such a great fit for Your Empowered Employee Playbook, so allow me to take the liberty to editing it for your benefit.

"The best time to implement Your Empowered Employee Playbook is when you start your company and bring on
your first employee, and the second best time is today!"

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'Til Next Time, All My Best...

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