step two to turn ideas into profits

After applying Profit Prioritizer Step 1 you will have your employees' ideas nicely categorized across four key areas of your company.

The next step is to decide how you want to respond.

Typically, this is where most other employee feedback dies and falls into Your Black Hole.

Often business leaders struggle with how to respond for two reasons.

First, many are afraid of saying "yes" and moving forward with a suggestion or a request from an employee thinking that it will open up the floodgates of more ideas and suggestions to deal with.

So, they are afraid to say "yes."

Additionally, because most of my clients want to maintain highly motivated employees that bring positive morale into the work environment, they don't want to say "no" either. They mistakenly believe that saying "no" and rejecting and employee's request or suggestion will damage their motivation and morale.

What happens in the human psyche when we have this cognitive dissonance? We become paralyzed and procrastinate.

The creates Your Black Hole.

It's my mission to eliminate and destroy the Black Holes in organizations because it kills motivation, morale, and productivity, and ultimately company profits.

So, here are your 4 systematic responses to use for all your Idea Instigator answers from Play #2:

1) Yes, we can do this and will by _________________, and (if appropriate, add, "and we'd like your help to implement in the following way.)

2) Yes, we will but the timing isn't right, right now, let's revisit this is _______ months, and you have my permission to hold me accountable to this at that time. Make sure you come to me if I don't come to you by then.

3) I like what you're suggesting, but I need more information and need to understand the business case for it, let's have a conversation to explore further to decide.

4) No, this is not something we are going to do in the near future, and here's why (with a real business case so the team member feels that the idea has truly been evaluated).

After you've done your FMOP that you learned about in the last article your job is to place a 1, 2, 3, or, 4 next to each item so that you know how you are going to respond to the team member who offered the suggestion.

This approach eliminates the cognitive dissonance that creates Your Black Holei and provides a systematic and comfortable way to respond that will create momentum in your work environment for cleaning up things that have been getting in the way of your team members being able to do an even better job for you.

Next time, I'll share with you a systematic way you can take the items you've labeled #1 above and prioritize them for profits, or what I like to label as high-impact but low investment and effort.

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'Til Next Time, All My Best...

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