First step to turn ideas into profits

If you have effectively run Play #2, in Your Empowered Employee Playbook, the Idea Instigator, you will have a slew of ideas and suggestions from your employees they are going to expect a response to.

That's a good thing.

It's the first step in creating empowered employees.

Often, my clients will tell they are surprised at the level of the quality of the suggestions their employees share in the Idea Instigator.

They also tell me they are often not surprised by the answers because they knew the items identified were issues in the work environment that need to be addressed.

Regardless of what you see in the responses to the Magic Questions in Play #2 you need a systematic way to respond so that you can avoid Your Black Hole from getting ever larger.

For that reason I have created a simple systematic process that you can use.

You are going to get ideas and suggestions that cut across four different aspects of your companyso it will be helpful for you to delineate them to make evaluation easier and compartmentalized.

This is what I use with my clients for strategic planning, Give each idea one of the following four designations, F, M, O, or P.


M = Marketing or Marketplace

O = Operations

P = People/Culture

Once you have categorized the suggestions this way you will be ready to evaluate each on its merits and level of importance to improving your company in those areas.

Next time, I'll share with you the four different options you have for responding to each idea so that your team members feel valued and heard because you are showing you have actually considered the contribution, whether or not you agree to implement their suggestion.

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'Til Next Time, All My Best...

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