The one complaint more than any other when I do my cultural assessments to kick client’s Your Championship Company projects it is this…

“A lack of communication.”

I wish I had a dime for every employee who shared that feedback with me.

The good news is that they are perceiving what is happening in the work environment wrong, because...

"Lack of communication” is never the problem.

As a matter of fact I’ve never, in my 19 years doing this work, have had a client where a “lack of communication” was a problem.

You may think I’m just lucky, but that’s not the case.

You have never experienced “a lack of communication” in your workplace either, ever!

What you are experiencing is...

What you have experienced, however, is some other message that IS being sent, BUT people aren't hearing it.

They are FEELING IT!

When people in a work environment feel this way, it is demoralizing.

They feel out of the loop, and worse of all…

They feel unimportant and not valued.

So, if it is not "lack of communication," what is the message being sent.

The answer it depends and could be many things.

And, labeling it as a "lack of communication" sweeps it under a rug and causes confusion.

People want the quick fix and that is often never realistic or reliable.

what is the message?
It could be...

...That people don't understand the importance of the information flow of the organization and who needs to know what, and when.
...That there needs to be a communication strategy put in place to address who needs to know what and when.
...That the information is going out in many different media but not the media some people use as their primary source.
...That the information is going out in many different media but not the media some people use as their primary source.
...That the message(s) are sent in the wrong format, meaning grouped together with other messages and it gets lost in the mix.
...That you may not be valued enough to be "in the know."

I could go on, but you get the gist.

The only way to solve the "lack of communication" issue so prevalent in organizations is to stop calling it a "lack of communication" because that label is too broad and impossible to address due to its many facets.

There is no easy fix.

But, the first step is to never assume malicious intent. ALWAYS presume positive intent and seek to understand what the real issue is.

It takes specific, direct and sometimes difficult conversations to explore what is happening and what is not happening to find reasonable solutions.

Understand that 99% of the time these issues are not malicious and are simply the result of lazy communication habits.

What is this "lack of communication" costing?

A primary reason why company's don't invest the time, energy, and resources to resolve this issue is because it is a "soft" cost.

No one is directly writing a check to cover these costs.

These costs are hidden in the salaries and benefits packages of your team members who waste time and energy chasing others for information or who have to figure out how to do things without the resources that would make it more efficient and effective.

The costs are hidden on what doesn't get done, the customers lost because they weren't served at the level desired, or the sales that were lost because of timely follow-up with prospective customers was help up.

"Your profit-killing workplace communication cost calculator"

Here's  a tool you can use to see how much poor communication or the "lack of communication" is costing your organization.

Click the calculator image ------------>
to get access to Your Profit-Killing Workplace Communication Cost Calculator

Workplace communication is the foundation of Your Championship Company .

So, if you'd like to accelerate your journey to creating "a financially and emotionally rewarding place to work," go here to schedule Your Championship Work Environment Accelerator Session with me.

'Til Next Time, All My Best...

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