How to easily transform employee complaints and drama into productive action

If you've asked your team members the "Magic Question" I'm confident you've gotten some things you can work with to improve your work environment.

The challenge is transferring those items, some of which you may seem as petty complaints and things to stir up drama back to your team member to get them involved in solutions.

I've heard too often that team members are quick to complain, vent, bitch, moan and whine without bringing anything to the table to fix the issues they, more than likely often, contribute to.

If they do or not you should still ask a follow up question, what I call "Magic Question #2" after you hear their response to #1.

"Magic Question #2" is simply this:

"What are one or two actionable, implementable ideas we can apply to begin fixing the issue you are requesting?"

It's important to put the impetus for solutions back on the employee so they have buy-in to the solution. Ask for their help in implementing, too, so they have some skin in the game.

If you were to take their idea and suggestion from Magic Question #1 and implemented what you think is a good idea to solve the issue, it may miss the mark. It may even create more problems and not the be solution they were looking for.

It's always best to get people involved in their own solutions even if you have to be the primary implementer because of your position, get them involved at whatever level you can. 

Remember, people support what they help create.

Keep asking your Magic Questions and let me know how it goes.

'til next time.

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'Til Next Time, All My Best...

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