get employees open to "constructive feedback" to transform your company's business results

Every client I've ever had has lamented to me that their employees do not like "constructive feedback."

Most tell me that their people do not take it well. They get defensive.

Most people do.

Including you, I bet!

But, there is one simple way to get your people to be more open to constructive feedback that most every business leader I've come across fails to apply.

It's simple but not easy.

You know why? 

Because of the same reason your employees resist, reject, and get defensive when presented with constructive feedback.

And, this simple way is to be open to constructive feedback yourself.

Be the role model for it.

Show your employees that you want, and are open to, their constructive feedback about your leadership and how your company functions.

When you do this it will unlock the gold I wrote about in my previous article here.

That's because when you ask for constructive feedback the right way, your employees will share with you their million dollar ideas, and their $5 and $10 ideas as well.

BUT, you have to be open to being vulnerable yourself.

You have to be open to hearing the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly about what's happening in your workplace.

Too many business leaders miss out on this gold because they hear these constructive feedback comments as "complaints," or "bitching, moaning, and whining' instead of hearing them as potential gold.

The best way to approach this "constructive feedback" is to...

1) Appreciate it,

2) Accept it,

3) Act on it!

Applying the Triple-A's will be more palatable to you when you proactively ask for the constructive feedback yourself.

No one, even your employees likes unsolicited feedback.

But, when you are proactive, it will be easier for you to take because you will be in the Triple-A mindset.

And...the second part of the Triple-A Mindset is you have to ask the question a certain way. It's what I call my "Magic Question."

You can read about the "Magic Question" here.

'til next time..

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