Instigating complaints from employees LEADS to innovation THAT fuel'S your company's growth!

There is gold hidden inside the walls of your company.

Not specifically hidden inside the infrastructure of your building.

It's hidden inside the minds of your employees.

It's hidden inside your what you may perceive as your employees' complaints, and bitching, moaning, and whining.

The problem is not in the content of what your people are complaining about and the drama it seems to create.

The problem is in their delivery of their message.

Because of how they are delivering it, you perceive it as complaining, bitching, moaning and whining.

Your perception causes you to discount what your employees are sharing with you. 

If you choose to take action on it, you may do it in a half-hearted manner or do it in a way that engages others in a dis-empowering way that causes distrust between co-workers in the work environment.

One of my client's employees "complained" to him that she was unhappy with her job. She was overwhelmed, overworked, and not being fulfilled. This manifested with significant levels of conflict with key co-workers causing strife and stress in the workplace.

My client truly listened to what she was saying. He asked her what her ideal solution would be.

Her idea was to change her role to something that added huge value to the company by transitioning away from her role as just an inside sales order taker, managing projects as an office liaison to the head manufacturing to get customer products out the door.

The new role she requested was to get involved in outside sales. She wanted to use her assertive communication style to create outreach campaigns to both existing customers for expanding their current business, as well as targeting new markets related to their current client base and new industries.

In just 2 1/2 years, she increased her direct sales from $50,000 in year one to over $500,000 in year three. This is a half-million dollars ($500,000) in new sales!

Now, not every employee's idea will lead to half-million dollar in new revenue, BUT, what if an idea saved you $10,000, or changed their attitude and focus to be more productive and a better "team player?"

There is gold in the mind's of your employees that you are ignoring.

Your paying your people for their productivity in getting things done and you get their mind for free, if you tap into the right way.

One of the things that gets in the way is how a business leader communicates to his or her team members. Most do not build the buy-in first and team members reject or resist.

If you want to learn how to build the buy-in, go here.

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