prioritizing your #1 priorities

So last week you learned the systematic Profit Prioritization 1,2,3,4 Process. If you missed it you can read it here.

But my clients in Your Empowered Employee Playbook were still asking me to help them force rank the items they listed as #1 priorities in Step 2

So, their request forced me to develop this simple scoring system that allows you to balance two vitally important factors:

Impact vs. Effort/Investment

I've created a 100 point scoring system to assess the balance between the opposite powers of Impact and Effort/Investment.

The idea is to first score each of your #1 priority items on level of impact when successfully implemented.

A High Impact item you would be scored a 10 and a low impact you would score a 1.

But, it is also important to assess the overall effort and investment required to successfully implement.

To bring that dynamic into the assessment you will grade each item this way, if it's Low Effort/Investment you would score it a 10 and a high effort/investment would be scored a 1.

Then, you multiple those two numbers to get your Profit Prioritization score.

Obviously the highest score you could have is a 100, that you would score a 10 for Highest Impact and a 10 in Lowest Effort/Investment.

Work on that with your Profit Priority list and next time I'll give you a way to visually represent your highest priority items.

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'Til Next Time, All My Best...

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